Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

If you've always been interested in drawing but don't really know how to get started, then this is the course for you. Gain a solid foundation and understanding of the basics of drawing and become the artist you've always dreamed you could be.

You'll become intimately familiar with paper types, drawing styles, rendering techniques, and the basic principles of perspective, layout, design, lighting, volume, and space. If you have an interest in learning what it's like to draw or would love to increase your current knowledge in the field of art and illustrating, then this course aims to fulfill all of your needs.

Lesson List:

  • Lesson 1 - Equipment and Studio
    Take a look at the basic tools and supplies an artist needs for various projects. After you understand the tool set, you'll be prepared to confidently go to your local art store and start experimenting with supplies.
  • Lesson 2 - Basics of Drawing
    Get a firm understanding of drawing basics. In this lesson, you'll look at the importance of the silhouette and the outlining shape. 
  • Lesson 3 - Drawing From Life and Photographs
    Gain great tips on how to draw what you see, how to set up scenes for photographs, and much more.
  • Lesson 4 - Lighting and Shading
    Learn how to illuminate the scene and change the mood all at once with lighting and shading. 
  • Lesson 5 - Perspective: Unraveling the Mystery
    Perspective has always been a necessity for anyone drawing pictures with depth. Learn how to find the horizon line, create depth in your page, and even find the vanishing points of your lines.
  • Lesson 6 - Rendering Techniques
    When you're drawing objects, it's important to create the sense of realism with line work. Go over some important rendering techniques that will give you a jump start toward understanding gradation, line weight, and stylization, all of which will get you on the road to finding your own style and creative expression.
  • Lesson 7 - Layout and Design
    In this lesson, you'll look at what it takes to persuade your audience to look at certain spots on your images at particular times to tell a story. 
  • Lesson 8 - Landscape and City Rendering
    Work up an entire scene with thumbnails and then begin working on a first draft. Look at how to render your scenes with realistic lighting and shading while keeping the flow entertaining and informative.
  • Lesson 9 - Introduction to Color
    Creating images in color requires you to take your artistic understanding to a whole new level. This lesson covers color composition.
  • Lesson 10 - Techno/Futuristic Drawing
    This lesson will walk you through the futuristic drawings like robots and flying orbital vehicles. 
  • Lesson 11 - Introduction to Animals
    Get up close and personal with animals because it's packed full of measurements, proportions, and basic shapes for many of the animals around you. 
  • Lesson 12 - Creating Things on Your Own
    Explore the human brain and how it functions to create art, memorizing and interpreting the world around you and keeping everything slightly straight in the process. 

Upon registering, you have six (6) weeks to complete the program.

    Course Dates and Times

    Date and Times Location Course Cost/Fees

    New class starts monthly

    Online $115

     Course Hours: 24 Hours

    This workshop is offered through our continuing education online partner.