Gender Studies Courses

GS 101 - Introduction to Gender Studies

Credit Hours: 3

Gender Studies 101 introduces students to the foundational concepts in Women's, Men's, Trans, and Nonbinary Studies and examines their historical contexts, contemporary topics, and future concerns. Gender Studies explores gender through multiple lenses including ethnicity, class, religion, nationality, culture, and sexual orientation in order to dissect how it is a social construct, a biological component, and a source of prejudice, stereotype, and privilege. The primary texts will push students to critically and thoughtfully analyze the interdisciplinary and intersectional nature of gender and examine the ways our individual identities navigate gender personally, politically, and societally. 

Offered Online:Yes

GS 110 - Global Perspectives in Gender Studies

Credit Hours: 3

Global Perspectives in Gender Studies is an introduction to the many issues related to gender in international and diverse societies. This course addresses the gender inequalities and social divides that individuals negotiate under both contemporary and historical expressions of colonialism, capitalism, and globalization. Students in the course will critically analyze how transnationalism and intersectionality impact individuals, why gender is a core issue in all cultures, and how social justice movements are confronting inequalities worldwide.