Guest Students

Who is a Guest Student?

If you are currently a student at another college or university, plan on taking credit courses at Community College of Philadelphia to transfer back to your home school, and do not intend to obtain a degree or certificate from the College, you are a Guest student. To enroll, please follow the steps below.

Note: Guest students are NOT eligible to receive financial aid from Community College of Philadelphia. Please contact your home school's Office of Financial Aid regarding a consortium agreement.

STEP 1 – Find Your Courses

  • View a listing of course offerings and prerequisites. 
  • View our CourseFinder to see if the courses you plan to take are open.
    • Obtain the five-digit CRN (course reference number) for the course(s) you plan to take.

STEP 2 – Complete an Admissions Application

STEP 3 – Obtain Proof of Prerequisite Completion

Students must attach proof of prerequisite completion for the course(s) they are planning to take to the form referenced in Step 4. Any or all applicable of the following may be provided as proof:

  • Permission letter from your college/university approving registration of class(es). Permission letters will not be accepted for chemistry, math or physics courses. Permission letter MUST include the following on letterhead:
    • Semester/Term
    • Full name of the course(s) you plan to take
    • Signature of department chair or equivalent school official

  • College diploma may be used to satisfy enrollment into any course(s) requiring college-level English (ENGL 101) as a prerequisite

  • Unofficial college transcript showing grade(s) of C- or above for required course prerequisites

  • Test scores may be used to satisfy placement into college-level English (ENGL 101) or college-level math (FNMT 118). Visit the College's Placement Test page for a listing of test waiver options.

NOTE: SAT and ACT scores used to exempt students from taking the placement test must be taken within FIVE years from the student's first day of enrolling at Community College of Philadelphia. IELTS and TOEFL scores used to exempt students from taking the placement test must be taken within TWO years from the student's first day of enrolling at Community College of Philadelphia. 

 STEP 4 – Complete the online Guest/Non-Matriculating Student form

To complete this step, you will need your Student Identification Number (J#), which is issued by Community College of Philadelphia. Please allow 3-5 business days for receipt upon completing the Admissions Application in Step 2. After receiving your J#, log into MyCCP, click the Student tab and access the Admissions Forms located in the Electronic Forms Channel. Complete and submit the Guest/Non-Matriculating Student form for processing.

Upon review and approval of submitted documents, you will receive an email regarding your registration request. Please allow two business days for processing. Be sure to check your MyCCP email for all communications pertaining to your request.

STEP 5 – Pay for Your Classes

Please review and select from one of our many Payment Options. Payment for classes is due by the deadline to maintain your schedule. Please reference the College's Calendar for a listing of deadline dates.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Information Center at 215.751.8010 or submit an inquiry on the Contact Admissions Form.