EKG Technician

This program prepares students to perform EKGs, offering instruction in cardiac anatomy and physiology, medical disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, legal aspects of patient contact, electrocardiography, and stress testing. Additionally, students will practice with equipment and perform hands-on labs including introduction to the function and proper use of the EKG machine, anatomy of the chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead placement and other clinical practices. EKG Technicians also analyze printed readings of EKG tests, measuring various “cardiac intervals and complexes” and determining normal vs. abnormal EKG.

Certification Opportunities

After completing this program, learners will have the opportunity to take the leading national/industry-recognized certification exam(s) essential to entry-level employment in this fast-growing field.


National Workforce Career Association (NWCA) Certified EKG Technician (CEKG)


Program Includes:

  • Live, interactive webinars led by instructors to bring the content to life
  • Established program schedules and structure to help you keep on pace
  • Graded discussion forums, assignments, challenging assessments and interactive activities to ensure you’re on track for success
  • Scheduled on-site lab sessions for students to gain hands-on skills*

*IMPORTANT: This program includes on-campus labs scheduled on-site at your facility as well as externship opportunities with local employers. Both of these elements will be scheduled consistent with community health guidance to ensure the health and safety of all students, instructors and support staff.

Optional Volunteer Externship Opportunity

Learners who complete this program are eligible to participate in an optional volunteer externship opportunity with a local company/agency/organization whose work aligns with this area of study in order to gain valuable hands-on experience.  As learners progress through their eLearning program, an externship coordinator will reach out to coordinate placement.

Note: Additional documentation including health records, immunizations, drug screening, criminal background checks, etc. may be required by the externship facility.

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Course Dates and Times

Date and Times Location Course Cost/Fees

Asynchronous Online, 6 month access
New sections begin monthly

December 21
January 18
February 15
March 15
April 19
May 17
June 21



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