Negotiation Certificate

This online certificate program helps learners develop the skills and strategies needed to become a successful negotiator. The fundamental concepts of negotiation are addressed, as well as the application of these concepts to the specific areas of Deal Making Negotiation and Dispute Settlement Negotiation. Video commentary provides learners with practical insights on translating the principles of negotiation into real-world bargaining success. Each self-paced course offers an assortment of interactive exercises, videos, readings, case studies, and self-assessments that will keep learners engaged as they sharpen their negotiating skills.

Courses Included in this Certificate:

  • Introduction to Negotiations
    Experienced negotiators make a conscious decision about what type of negotiation strategy to use based on a number of factors such as the importance of the relationship and the importance of what is at stake. Understanding key concepts such as the best alternative to no agreement, reservation price, and the zone of possible agreement can help you conduct a successful negotiation. Since power is a fundamental dynamic in negotiations, it is important for negotiators to have a basic understanding of ways they can exert and also gain power in a discussion. This course should be an essential part of any basic business and management training.
  • Negotiations: Business Deals
    This course is designed to help executives and other potential deal-makers learn the essential strategies and skills to conducting successful business negotiations. The course begins by comparing and contrasting the two major types of negotiation—Dispute Settlement Negotiation (DSN) and Deal Making Negotiation (DMN)—and exploring the difference between negotiation and bargaining. Key topics covered in the course includes: the stages of the negotiation process, the importance of preparation and realistic goal setting, the five basic approaches to negotiation, when to make (and when to avoid) commitments, the relative importance of relationships and outcomes, the decision to walk away from a negotiation, and the unique challenges posed by multiparty, international, and cross-cultural negotiations.
  • Negotiations: Resolving Disputes
    This course is designed to help managers and other decision makers learn to settle workplace and interpersonal disputes by the application of proven negotiating principles and strategies. Learners in this course will explore the fundamentals of Dispute Settlement Negotiation.

    Course Dates and Times

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    Course Hours: 10 Hours

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